Holiday Promotion + Text Message Marketing Ideas for 2021

Feb 21, 2024

Holiday Promotion + Text Message Marketing Ideas for 2021

Holiday Promotion + Text Message Marketing Ideas for 2021

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The holiday season is right around the corner—and if you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to start celebrating. After how tumultuous last year was, with 40% of businesses underperforming, this year’s holidays are a huge opportunity to set your business up for next year and meet end-of-the-year goals. In the spirit of the gift-giving season, we’ve put together a list of holiday deal ideas that you could share with your customers!

Early bird or last minute offers

Time-specific discounts are a great way to target a specific timeframe in the holiday season and drum up sales. Early bird discounts reward proactive customers and can be an excellent way to boost sales in the first few weeks. On the other hand, last-minute deals can help customers who are scrambling to find their last few gifts and help your business finish the season strong.

Buy-one-get-one deals

It’s the holidays, so it’s safe to say most of your customers will be shopping for themselves and others—BOGO deals lessen the load of holiday shopping on your customers while still turning a profit. Offering your audience a convenient way to knock out some holiday shopping and save at the same time will be sure to boost your sales and build a stronger relationship with your customers. Discounts like these encourage purchases and draw in a wide range of customers, as 88% of Americans used a discount like this in 2020.

Limited-time free shipping

More and more people are turning to online shopping to complete their holiday shopping from the comfort of their couches. Offering free shipping for a period of time during the holidays is the perfect way to drive sales. You can even pair this with other promotional campaigns to maximize your potential. Even if most of your sales come from your brick-and-mortar locations, offering free shipping is an effective way to turn more customers onto your online store.

In-store or online exclusives

Is your brick-and-mortar location lagging behind your online store? Or vice versa? Platform-specific exclusive deals give you a chance to play catch-up between your storefronts. In-store exclusive deals also have the added benefit of getting people to see all of your awesome products in person and—when paired with other discounts—can be the push a customer needs to get inside your store. Online exclusive offers can easily be paired up with free shipping to prioritize convenience on your online store and get customers exactly what they’re looking for. Either way, exclusive offers promotes your brand and create an omnichannel approach to your marketing.

Abandoned cart reminders

Let’s face it, people are forgetful sometimes. Maybe another email or text notification drags a customer away from your online store, leaving items in their cart. TapOnIt’s services can set up triggered messaging to notify customers when their clicks don’t convert into sales. You could also pair this with an abandoned cart coupon, providing even more incentive for customers to return to your online store!

Connect promotions to content

If your brand runs a blog, posts on social media, or creates any internet content, you have the perfect opportunity to connect a promotion to your content. For example, if you share a recipe on your blog, offering a discount on some of the products used will promote growth in both your sales and your content engagement. Customers will want to use the deal to follow along at home and share it with their friends so they can get in on the fun too. Integrating promotions into your content can help strengthen your online presence and reward your online followers while still growing your sales.

Want more ideas?

TapOnIt is full of great ideas for you to maximize your earnings this winter. Check out our holiday marketing guide for more information! If you want to dive in and see what else TapOnIt can do for you, set up a time to chat with us or schedule a demo!

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