Why Choose TapOnIt Over Other
Text Marketing Platforms?

Other text marketing platforms are focused on retail and product promotions. TapOnIt offers a solution for any type of business. Our platform is designed to drive impactful brand awareness, enhanced content engagement, and meaningful audience interactions.

Here's why we stand out

Multi-Image MMS

Stand out by sending multiple images, animated GIFs, thousands of characters, unlimited emojis, fancy fonts, and multiple links in a single MMS message, reducing your messaging costs and boosting engagement.

Plus, an MMS with 3 images has a 45% higher CTR than just an SMS.
Multi-Image MMS
Here's why we stand out

Content Hub

Automagically curated and personalized to create a seamless subscriber experience by housing
all your text content in one place.

From here, subscribers can learn more about your content, favorite for later, share with friends, redeem coupons, watch Youtube videos, and more.
Content Hub Img
Here's why we stand out

Sharing for
Organic Growth

Utilize your audience's influence by creating shareable content that drives organic database growth.

Turn your loyal supporters into brand influencers with our proprietary sharing flow, generating free exposure and organic database growth.
Sharing for
Organic Growth
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Simplifying Text Marketing
with TapOnIt's Platform

We've designed our platform with simplicity in mind, ensuring that
you can create and send effective campaigns in just a few taps. Here's how:

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Conversational Messaging

Conversational Messaging

Have one-on-one interactions with subscribers,
creating personalized and impactful experiences.

Triggered Messaging

Triggered Messaging

Automate message flows based on individual activities,
from welcome flows to post-purchase interactions.

Opt-In Options

Opt-In Options:

Choose from various methods, including landing pages, sweepstakes, website pop-ups, and QR codes, to effortlessly grow your text database.

Sweepstakes Feature

Sweepstakes Feature

Gamify the experience and captivate your
audience with exciting sweepstakes.


Tailor Your Marketing
Approach with Precision

Collect first-party data and segment your audiences so you can send the right messages, to the right people.

Zip Code Opt-In + Geotargeting

Zip Code Opt-In + Geotargeting

Collect zip codes at opt-in and segment
campaigns based on location.

Demographics …mentation

Demographics + Behavior Segmentation

Optimize campaigns by targeting specific user segments based on demographics, engagement history, and behavior.


Comprehensive Support
and Resources

At TapOnIt, we believe in supporting your journey. Our platform
comes with a range of resources and support options, including:

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Stay ahead of regulations with automated
compliance language.

Client Resources

Client Resources

Access a library of templates, tutorials, guides,
and more to master text message marketing.

Toll-Free Number Provisioning
+ Management

Let our team handle the provisioning and ongoing
management of your toll-free numbers.

Real-Time Analytics for
Informed Decision-Making

Track the performance of your texts and make informed
decisions based on real-time analytics. Features include:

Tracking + Reporting

Pull reports at your leisure or schedule them
to analyze the success of your campaigns

Coupon Redemption Tracking

From in-store to online, make it easy for subscribers to redeem
discounts and promotions via click-to-redeem, barcode, QR code, or alphanumeric code.

Ready to Transform
Your Marketing Strategy?

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