Automate SMS & MMS
campaigns using Flows

Craft automated, personalized SMS & MMS subscriber journeys with TapOnIt's Flows. Deliver tailored text messages that respond to subscriber data and real-time interactions, driving conversions and audience engagement.


Automated Personalization

Easily create tailored messages based on subscriber interactions for a personalized experience.


Zero-Party Data Utilization

Collect subscriber data & use it to refine your strategy and deliver targeted content.


Effortless Engagement

Automate messages and interactive content to engage and entertain your subscribers.


Flexible Segmentation

Target subscribers based on their responses to maximize the impact of your messaging.

TapOnIt Flow Features

Let Flows handle the heavy lifting. Create automated subscriber journeys that deliver multi-message campaigns and tailored experiences based on triggers, interactions, and collected data. Explore the key features of TapOnIt Flows:


How do you want your Flow to start?
Choose from different Triggers to activate your flow. Choose from subscriber actions, behavior, or data to trigger the flow to start.

Multi-Message Campaigns

Steps are the building blocks of your flow. Send robust SMS and MMS sequences using steps, including Collect Response, Branching, Wait, Tag, and Send Message. Optimize your flow to enhance customer engagement, boost loyalty, and drive revenue.

Collect Response

Gain valuable insights and data about your subscribers with Collect Response. Ask questions and encourage responses to refine your targeting and personalize your communication.


Branching allows you to create dynamic and personalized message flows. Tailor your communication based on subscriber responses and actions, like clicking a link, to ensure a more relevant and engaging experience.

Tag Subscribers

Add or remove relevant tags as subscribers progress through your flow. Use these tags to segment and target future campaigns more effectively.


Add time delays in your Flow to evenly space out messages over a specified period, ensuring a consistent and relevant cadence for your subscribers.

TapOnIt has been such an excellent resource for us. They are easy to work with, quick to respond, and continue to grow and expand their platform to help reach our customers best. We are so lucky to work with such a great team that provides us with tools to reach our fabulous clients through a quick text.

Nora Fleming
E-commerce Retailer

Why TapOnIt?

TapOnIt is a female-founded, Content-First MMS & SMS Engagement Platform revolutionizing business-to-customer communication through text messaging. Our proprietary, no-code solution offers robust MMS capabilities, including multiple images, emojis, and links in a single message, driving higher engagement and ROI without additional segment charges. With unique features like auto-curated Content Hubs and a sharing tool for organic growth, TapOnIt provides simple sign-up options, unlimited landing pages, and sweepstakes, plus integrations and unparalleled support. Tailored to all businesses, our self-serve option fits any SMB budget, while enterprise services cater to clients of any scale. TapOnIt isn't just an SMS platform; it's a comprehensive engagement solution for brands to build lasting relationships with their audiences, setting them up for success now and in the future.

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