How to Create a Text Message Marketing Campaign

Feb 21, 2024

How to Create a Text Message Marketing Campaign

How to Create a Text Message Marketing Campaign

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We talk a lot about our text message marketing platform, but we never really get into who is making all of the magic happen. What if we told you that YOU could be the one creating and sending out beautiful text campaigns to your subscribers with TapOnIt’s platform? It’s possible! Want us to do it for you? We can do that too!

So, what are your options?

Text Platform Only – Create Your Own Content

Have a designer on your team? Or are you super savvy with Canva? Create your own content and send out text campaigns yourself. Even if you’re doing it yourself, our text platform still comes with some assistance. Our team will teach you how to use our portal for content and campaign setup, along with providing you the tools needed for design. Even without graphic design training, content design is easy. We supply templates for Adobe Photoshop and the free web app, Canva, making the design process as simple as possible.

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Managed Services

If graphic design isn’t your thing or doesn’t seem like something you have the time for, you can have our team take care of it! Included with our managed services package, we will take care of ad design, content setup, campaign deployment, and automated engagement report delivery.

No matter which option you choose, TapOnIt’s onboarding team will help you use our services during your first three months to ensure you’ll know exactly what goes into executing a great text campaign. You can even switch between plans month-to-month to ensure optimal usage of the platform.

Ready to start texting your customers?

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