TapOnIt Welcomes New Client Aunt Flow: Partnering to Make Period Products Accessible to All

Jun 18, 2024

TapOnIt Welcomes New Client Aunt Flow: Partnering to Make Period Products Accessible to All

TapOnIt Welcomes New Client Aunt Flow: Partnering to Make Period Products Accessible to All

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Davenport, IA, June 18, 2024 – TapOnIt, a female-founded tech company specializing in innovative text message marketing and audience engagement, is thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Aunt Flow, a fellow female-founded business with a mission to make the world better for people with periods.

Aunt Flow is the first full-solution provider enabling businesses and schools to stock their bathrooms with freely accessible tampons and pads. Their free-vend, wall-mounted dispensers allow organizations to offer organic cotton menstrual products at no charge to employees, students, and guests.

Claire Coder, the founder and CEO of Aunt Flow, has been at the forefront of period product accessibility since launching the company in 2016. Under her leadership, Aunt Flow has collaborated with hundreds of businesses and schools across North America, including notable names like Google, Princeton University, Netflix, and the Phoenix Mercury.

Founder and CEOof Aunt Flow, Claire Coder, and Katie Castillo-Wilson, Founder and CEOof TapOnIt at Live Nation Entertainment for a NY TechWeek event.

“Partnering with Aunt Flow aligns perfectly with our commitment to empowering communities and fostering inclusivity,” said Katie Castillo-Wilson, Founder and CEO of TapOnIt. “I love any opportunity that we get to work with fellow female-founded businesses, and we're excited to support Aunt Flow’s mission of ensuring that no one has to use toilet paper as a makeshift period product.”

Aunt Flow is now utilizing TapOnIt for their text message marketing needs to help engage, educate, and connect with their audiences. People can sign up for Aunt Flow’s text messages and receive free stickers by visiting this landing page.

Since 2021, Aunt Flow has donated millions of period products to menstruators in need, highlighting their dedication to people helping people. PERIOD.®

For more information about Aunt Flow and their impact program, please visit Aunt Flow's Website.

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