The Purpose of a Contact Card in Text Marketing

Feb 21, 2024

The Purpose of a Contact Card in Text Marketing

The Purpose of a Contact Card in Text Marketing

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More Than Just a Souvenir: The Form and Function Behind Contact Cards

Nowadays, our society is very text savvy, spending their screen time tapping away in group chats and text threads, which means it’s a sure bet that their inbox is a little cluttered. Launching it might feel like the digital equivalent of opening a broom closet and letting its contents spill on the floor. While texts have a fantastic open rate, your brand must stand out against the flurry of incoming messages to grab their attention. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that gets your branding in front of them – a contact card.

What is a Contact Card? How Does It Work?

A contact card is basically the SMS & MMS world’s spin on a business card; it’s a quick, convenient way for brands to share their business name, number, and logo with their audience so they can easily save it in their contact list. It’s sent as a text, and when clicked, it prompts the user to add it to their contacts. We recommend attaching it to the end of a welcome flow so new users can immediately save it, and your brand will be easily recognized in their inbox from the start!

How Do Contact Cards Benefit Everyone?

Once subscribers have added your business to their contacts, all the texts you send will show up with your company’s name and logo, making each message stand out. Instead of having your thoughtfully created promotions and announcements get lost amidst a sea of other text threads or banished to the dreaded “Unknown Senders” tab, you’ll instantly be recognized by your audience. Your subscribers will be able to quickly notice that a text is from you and can quickly scroll to find it again for easy reference.

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Diving into SMS marketing is an unmatched way of increasing audience engagement and brand visibility. Features like welcome flows and contact cards go a long way in improving the audience experience. Considering there’s a lot vying for the attention of today’s average consumer, making use of a contact card to ensure your texts will stand out among the countless messages they’ll receive on a daily basis is a key feature you don’t want to skip.

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