Top Five Ways to Use Text Message Marketing

Feb 21, 2024

Top Five Ways to Use Text Message Marketing

Top Five Ways to Use Text Message Marketing

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So, you’re ready to start a text club—the next step: deciding what to send to your subscribers. Sending promotions and coupons is always a great way to boost sales, but that’s not the only way. Some of TapOnIt’s clients use text solely for engagement and communication.

The top five ways businesses use TapOnIt’s text platform beyond sending coupons:

1. Event Spotlight

Sending your subscribers content about an event your business is hosting or participating in is a great way to spread the word to people you know are interested in your business.


  • Retail Store – New collection? Host an event such as a “Fall Sip and Shop,” where customers can come in after hours to enjoy a beverage and shop the store’s new arrivals.
  • Food and Beverage – Highlight upcoming live music nights to drive more traffic.
  • Church – Spread the word about upcoming donation drives to increase contributions.
  • Grocery Store – Send information about an upcoming cooking class at their location and drive enrollment.

2. Share Linked Content

The possibilities for this are as endless as the internet is.


  • Blog – Texting out a link to your newest blog post is an option for various industries and helps get it in front of people who have shown interest in your business.
  • Music – Share playlists using TapOnIt’s Spotify integration, or send links to album reviews as a concert venue.
  • Recipes – Send your subscribers links to recipes that highlight specialty items your grocery store carries.

3. Send Company Updates

Texting has a 99% open rate, so sending updates through this channel is a guaranteed way to get the news in front of your customers.


  • Job Listings – This may not necessarily be a frequent option to send out to your subscribers, but it can be very effective in the cases where it is needed. Your subscribers may not necessarily be the people applying for the jobs, but thanks to how easy it is to share, they can send it to people they know are interested!
  • Updated Hours – Adjusting store hours, or closed for a holiday? Keep your customers in the loop!
  • Exciting News – Customers love knowing who’s behind the businesses they support, so sharing big news or updates is a great way to keep your subscribers engaged.

4. Highlight Products:

Giving a specific product or brand a spotlight in a text is a great way to show off your products without adding a discount.


  • Grocery Stores – Highlight new brands or announce special product releases for the season.
  • Garden Center – As seasons change, you may want to highlight seasonal plants.

5. Create a Contest:

Sending out a contest is a great way to diversify your content and grow your subscriber base. By requiring the contest winner to be a text club subscriber, you’ll increase your database. The contest prize can be related or unrelated to your business, and the images you create to promote it can be sent out in multiple text blasts as a reminder to enter.


  • Event Venue – Giveaway free tickets to a show
  • Retail – Offer a gift card as the prize
  • Restaurant – Free Beer for a month
  • Grocery Store – Gift basket with a variety of snacks and drinks

Think of the text as an extension of your social media and email marketing – anything you share on there works in text too. The text messages your business decides to send out are only limited to your creativity!

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