Word of Thumb™

Feb 21, 2024

Word of Thumb™

Word of Thumb™

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As a business, no matter what industry, the end goal is to convert a customer. Over the years, marketing tactics have changed, but only one type of marketing has proven the test of time – word of mouth.

According to a Nielson study, recommendations from friends and family remain the most credible form of advertising among consumers. These recommendations are most commonly referred to as word of mouth, but what happens to these recommendations in a digital world? With cell phones and computers constantly, and quite literally, right at our fingertips, it makes recommendations not only easier to give but it also opens them up to a wider audience. What once was passing along a recommendation to one or two friends, now becomes a recommendation to thousands of people with just the tap of a finger, or a thumb to be exact. We call this, Word of Thumb™.

So, what is Word of Thumb™?

It’s like word of mouth, but better. It’s sharing brands, content, items – anything you can think of, at the tap of your thumb. It also goes beyond word of mouth. When people are talking about your brand in person, you don’t get to be a part of the conversation. If someone makes a negative comment or review, you have the ability to handle it in real-time to resolve the issue.

I am personally a huge fan of the show Ted Lasso, so what did I do? I told everyone I know on Facebook. I put this personal recommendation, with a link to the show – in front of ALL the people I’m connected to on Facebook (and let’s be serious, some of those people I haven’t talked to in years, so word of mouth would never get that far!). My post was even shared, which means my recommendation was shared with another person’s Facebook network in addition to mine. Imagine if a customer recommendation went viral?

Ted Lasso Facebook Post Best Show Ever with Jason Sudeikis

I believe in Word of Thumb™ so much, it’s part of the TapOnIt SaaS platform. Subscribers can easily share content from your text directly to Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, or Text. The best part about this function is that everything they are sharing is positive, and it’s content and promotions you wanted the public to know about. Think of it as a community of mini influencers carrying out your marketing strategy.

Products and services aren’t the only things that Word of Thumb™ can benefit from, in today’s marketing world content is king. If you are spending time creating content, don’t you want it to be shared? (For example, this blog post, hint, hint 😉) Happy sharing!

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