Increasing In-Store Retail Sales with Targeted SMS & MMS Marketing



A multi-location brick-and-mortar retail business embarked on a strategy to boost in-store sales and expand their SMS & MMS subscriber list. They turned to TapOnIt’s text message marketing & audience engagement platform, to maximize the potential of their existing 20,000 opted-in text subscribers.

Their objective was to not only increase foot traffic and revenue but also organically grow their subscriber list in preparation for an upcoming one-day sale campaign. This approach aimed to capitalize on their existing subscriber base while actively seeking to attract new customers through engaging SMS campaigns.

Pre-Campaign Growth Strategy:

The retailer utilized TapOnIt's Sweepstakes Growth Tools to run a giveaway, aimed at increasing their subscriber base. They promoted this giveaway to their exsisting audiences via email, social media, and to their existing text subscribers. With TapOnIt's Sweepstakes feature, subscribers can earn additional entries by sharing with friends. When a friend joins through their unique link, the referrer gets an extra entry and the new person joins the business's list, boosting its growth organically.

This strategic move resulted in a 15% increase in their text subscriber list, providing them with a larger audience to target with their upcoming campaigns and promotions.

Campaign Details:

On the morning of the sale, the retailer sent an MMS campaign to their subscribers offering a one-day, in-store only discount for one of their popular products, that was exclusive to the text club members. This resulted in a 1% discount redemption rate and an impressive 20x Return on Investment!

Engagement Beyond Sales:

In addition to driving sales, utilizing TapOnIt’s multi-image MMS capabilities, their campaign went beyond promoting the one-day only discount. It included visuals of other business events, like an in-store kids' craft event, resulting in a 12% click-through rate for more information. This demonstrated that customers were not just interested in the sale but also engaged with other aspects of the business, all through a single MMS text message.

Marketing Channel Comparison:

This campaign performed way above their usual benchmark of 5x ROI for an ad campaign. They even looked back at their old favorites – printed flyers. Turns out, those usually resulted in at a 12-13x ROI.

Room for Growth:

Reflecting on the campaign, the retail business owner acknowledged that extending the sale to three days instead of just one could have doubled their success, emphasizing the critical role of timing and duration in such marketing initiatives.

Key Lessons Learned:

This campaign underscores several key lessons in their SMS & MMS marketing strategy:

  • Targeted marketing is more effective than a broad approach.
  • Timing is crucial, and sending messages when customers are ready to buy increases effectiveness.
  • Continuous improvement is essential, and there's always room for refinement to achieve better results.

This case study underscores the power of personalized, real-time offers in driving sales and engagement. Through innovative SMS strategies and the use of TapOnIt’s platform, this retail chain not only grew its customer base but also increased engagement and revenue significantly. It serves as a testament to the potential of digital marketing to transform retail sales, with endless opportunities for growth and customer retention.

Retail Results from
SMS + MMS Marketing

Subscriber Growth

15% SMS & MMS database increase using TapOnIt's Sweepstakes feature.

Impactful Return on Investment

They had a 1% discount redemption rate and an impressive 20x ROI from a one-day discount.

Additional Engagement

12% click-through rate (CTR) on secondary content in their campaign.

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