Explore our collection of video tutorials covering the essential tools and features of the TapOnIt admin dashboard. Please note that while some videos may not be up to date, we are continuously working to provide you with the latest resources.

Video Tutorials

Take your text marketing to the next level by growing your first-party, permission-based, and compliant text subscriber list. Building a robust text database is crucial for reaching your audience effectively while staying compliant with regulations. Read the guide to learn more.

Audience Growth & Compliance Guide

In order to track metrics and send out automated messages using your TapOnIt platform, you must enable webhooks and add embeds to your Shopify page. Please read on for further instructions.

Shopify Integration Set-up Guide

Helpful tips, tricks, insights, ideas, and national holidays to plan a unique and engaging marketing strategy for 2024.

2024 Marketing Calendar

Sweepstakes are proven to be one of the best ways to build a database– who doesn’t love the chance to win something? Especially from a brand they love! Follow TapOnIt’s best practices for an effective Sweepstakes below.

Sweepstakes Best Practices

Placing an opt-in popup on your website is a great way to collect subscribers who are on your website. You can use the below instructions to add one to your website.

Website Pop-up

Text Message Marketing Best Practices

TapOnIt 2023 Platform Guide: Discover how to make the most of TapOnIt's tools and features with clear, step-by-step instructions.

Platform Guide